Welcome to Blu Moon Fine Art Photography
     Please feel free to browse all the catergories of fine photographs on display. Additional photgraphs are added to the galleries frequently so please come back often.
    Please understand that this is a true "labor of love" - I take all the photographs, carry all the cameras, upload, edit and catorgorize all the images.  I also make all the prints on my own printers, (no labs). I also cut all the mats and do all the mounting myself.  Why?  Simple - I consider myself an artist, and I refuse to allow just anybody to have an opportunity to interject something into MY art that I do not put there myself!!   Crazy??  Maybe!!  What does this mean to my customers and audience?  Once again - simple - - Only the best work that I can produce - from the taking of the image, to the digital editing, the printing and even the matting and mounting are simply the highest quality - because I REFUSE to allow anything less than the best to leave my hands!
   You may contact me at blumoonman@yahoo.com.  If you want to talk to me directly (on the phone) leave your name and number and the best time to call you back. (Don't want my phone ringing and scaring the animals!!)
    I also thank my wife for her support and understanding.